Hi, this is your Captain speaking. As long as I am the Captain of this ship, there will be no comments allowed. Since I have limited access to the internet and do all my posting from my email, I'm unable to respond.

I feel it would be very rude to have you commenting and thinking I was totally ignoring you, which I probably am, but that is beside the point.

This is just my diary as I travel through and relive my adventures at sea.

Shut up, I don't mean I'm really adrift at sea, but when it comes to friendships I certainly feel that way at times.

About The Author

As I have stumbled in and out of the reality that is life, I have come to the conclusion that I'm OK, but most of you suck.

My boat started out like every other boat.  It had a shiny new paint job, a powerful engine and a lot of bling.  After being at sea for over half a century, with little maintenance it has become a big boat with Captain Chaos at the helm.  I'm down to rowing with little oars.  I'm still rowing with all I have because I just plain out refuse to jump ship.

The salt water of life has taken it's toll on my boat.  There is rust showing everywhere.  It has massive dents from hitting icebergs.  Still, I take my little oars and set sail every morning as if nothing could go wrong.

If you read this blog for very long, you will soon figure out that things just go wrong.  I get lost at sea and the very best GPS in the world can't help me navigate myself to calmer seas.

If you get sea sick, this is not the blog for you to read.   You really should, just move on and forget you ever stumbled into my little corner of the ocean.